About Us


Olive Tree seeks to encourage, restore, and equip people so they may increasingly experience and share God’s transformation, wholeness, and peace.

Mission Statement:

Olive Tree is a Christian counseling center equipped to provide an array of professional mental health services to increase individual as well as relational health and resilience. We serve cross-cultural and local personnel of non-governmental organizations within Eurasia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Core Valuesscreen-capture-1:

OUR SOURCE: We are committed to honor Jesus Christ and glorify God, remaining flexible and responsive to the Holy Spirit in all that He has called us to be and do.

OUR STRENGTH: We are committed to Biblical truths and to clinical excellence in the delivery of all our resources, services, and training.

OUR SERVICE: We are committed to the people we serve, providing effective, competent, and accessible services.

OUR STAFF: We are committed to functioning well as a team and modeling Christ-centered relationships.


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There is a significant need for care in a region like this where people live with a fairly high level of uncertainty, danger, trauma, extra work-related challenges, and often difficult living situations. The counseling team of licensed mental health professionals provides brief intensive therapeutic services, individual, couple, and family therapy, counseling for adolescents and children, crisis debriefing, and trauma counseling.

Staff have developed and are available to present workshops on requested topics such as living with uncertainty, a theology of suffering, stress management, marriage enrichment, parenting, team building, conflict resolution, and work/rest balance.

Staff also provide consultation for administrators, counselors, and member care workers.

Though the counseling center serves as our base, our staff are also mobile. We travel to provide crisis debriefing/counseling following traumatic incidents, to provide counseling and workshops at agency conferences on topics that will strengthen and encourage staff, to assist in team building for new teams or teams experiencing conflict, and in unusual circumstances to provide counseling on site.


In the fall of 2010 a feasibility study was conducted with administrators and member care workers regarding the need for a full service counseling center to serve workers in the Middle East, Central and West Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. The feedback was that such a center was needed. Therefore, a founding board was appointed to define the mission and core values, begin developing a staff team, and choose a good location for the center. Olive Tree opened its doors in June 2014 and has continued to build a staff team with a wide variety of clinical specialties to assist with the diverse breadth of presenting issues.  Our staff love coming alongside children, teens, adults, and teams.


Olive Tree Counseling Center is supported solely by suggested donations for services provided; no fees are charged. None of our professional staff earn income from their services at the center. All donations collected are directed to maintaining the center and its ability to provide high quality supportive services.