Approaching Advent

Advent Series Introduction 2023

Fellow sojourners, what are you bringing into this Advent season?

Great hope at the impact your work has had this year? Anticipation of someone visiting or seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes? Perhaps you find yourself coming to this season with very little to offer, feeling displaced, worn, and grieving over the scenes unfolding around you. Maybe you carry pieces of all of this, a kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts that consume your time and energy.

Bring what you have to the table, and we’ll journey from here together. Advent is, after all, a time of anticipation and possibility, but you don’t light all the candles at once. May this coming Advent series surprise you with a fresh insight or two. And more than anything, we hope it leaves you with some practices to help your life and work overseas far beyond the end of the year.


Each week leading to Christmas, we’ll send an email connected to the Nativity Story from the Gospels. We’ll also include some fresh mental health practices that correspond to the scripture to try. Before we begin next week, we’d like to offer this blessing for you as you prepare for this season.


Perhaps you’d like to spend some more time gathering your thoughts and preparing for Advent. You can start by taking 20 minutes with Nick Steffen, LMHC in our “Wheel of Awareness” video to help ground your body, mind, and spirit for the weeks ahead.


We’ll be back next week with the start to our Advent series. In the meantime, please consider sharing this with other workers or member-care providers who would also benefit from these specifically developed practices.

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