“Resilient Living – Stabilizing Postures and Practices During a Pandemic and other valleys of Baca”

In one way or the other all of us are deeply impacted by the pandemic and other valleys of Baca (sorrow). Resilience is not about looking strong at times where we are vulnerable, but about what helps us to continue as we walk through the valley. As we pursue the Lord’s presence and engage certain postures and practices we can find sustenance for the long haul, and even growth. In this webinar we will explore postures and practices that can sustain and strengthen us.

May 17, 2021 
7:00 – 8:30 pm GMT+3


    The webinar will be available after that date on our website. 



    Frauke Schaefer, MD is a family physician originally from Germany, now living with her husband in the USA. As a single, she worked cross-culturally in Nepal, where she became familiar with the stressors in this type of work. With global worker support in mind, she pursued training as a Christian psychotherapist. After her marriage, she moved to the USA, where she trained as a psychiatrist at Duke University. Together with her husband she has been involved in member care for 20 years, both in private practice and in the context of Barnabas International. Together with co-authors they wrote and edited “Trauma & Resilience – A Handbook” which is based on research studies, experience in member care, and Bible study.

    Frauke and her husband Charlie, a clinical psychologist, have provided clinical support and consultation to Olive Tree for several years. They love running, biking, swimming, and traveling together, as well as meals with friends, and connecting with their extended family on both sides of the Atlantic. They have discovered new things about God, themselves, and connecting with others during this pandemic. They learned more about gardening, digital photography, and break baking during lockdown and their back porch got a socially distanced meeting workout! 



    “Redeeming Shame” with Peter Everts, PHD

    IN THIS WEBINAR WE TALK ABOUT: What is shame and its messages and various disguises?  How is shame different from guilt? How can shame be redeemed–deserved or not? What are some psychological and spiritual practices that can help us build shame resilience and self-compassion in our cross-cultural setting?  What is so amazing about Graceful living?

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    “Good Mourning” with Connie Befus, PH.D.
    IN THIS WEBINAR WE EXPLORE: Why people from Western cultures often don’t understand loss or the need to grieve appropriately, and why there is even greater need for those who serve cross-culturally to engage in healthy grieving. A biblical understanding of loss and grief is provided, and losses related to the global pandemic will also be addressed. Finally, appropriate psychological tools to grieve in a healthy manner are described, including tips for helping children in this process.