Good Mourning: Dealing with Loss in Cross-Cultural Service
by Connie Befus, Ph.D.

This webinar workshop explores why people from Western cultures often don’t understand loss or the need to grieve appropriately, and why there is even greater need for those who serve cross-culturally to engage in healthy grieving. A biblical understanding of loss and grief is provided, and losses related to the global pandemic will also be addressed. Finally, appropriate psychological tools to grieve in a healthy manner are described, including tips for helping children in this process.

Monday, March 22nd
7:00 – 8:30 PM GMT+3

Request a link to join on Zoom via [email protected]

Connie Befus, Ph.D., is a psychologist with 30+ years of experience in providing for the mental and spiritual health of cross-cultural workers. She grew up in Africa, and served with her husband in Latin America for 17 years. She has also worked in private practice, as a psychological consultant for six sending organizations, and as Director of Member Care. She is the author of Sojourner’s Workbook: A Guide to Thriving Cross-Culturally.