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Corinne Gnepf, LCMHC, NCC walks you through a full body muscle relaxation.
Join Corinne Gnepf, LCMHC, NCC on an imaginative trip to the beach. Along the way, you’ll learn now to relax your muscles and feel better inside and out!
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Exercise with Steve Scruggs, Psy. D. at Olive Tree Counseling Center

Join Nick Steffen, LMHC, Pastoral & Clinical Counselor or a 20-min “Wheel of Awareness” session. Learn more about what this is here: 



Steve Scruggs, Psy.D. with Olive Tree Counseling Center walks you through a brief introduction to deep breathing techniques and then a deep breathing exercise.

WITHOUT INTRODUCTION (please watch version 1 first)

Nick Steffen, LMHC, guides us through an ancient practice of breath prayers, a centering activity that combines deep breathing and prayer.


This exercise helps you process emotions that might be more difficult with words. And you don’t need to be “good at art” to do it! Amber Goodloe, LPC walks you through this expressive project you can do on your own anytime. Read more here: 

Join Susan Butler, LMFT, LPC, LMHC with an art therapy practice you can do anytime. This simple practice helps reduce anxiety and stress. As you begin focusing on patterns and repetition, you’ll find some calmness in the slowing down, letting go of distractions, and working with your hands. You don’t have to be an artist to start!


Lisa Green, LPC-MHSP, Executive Director, walks you through a guided imagery meditation to experience a place of safety and calm.

Corinne Gnepf, LCMHC, NCC offers this meditative exercise to remember a compassionate friend in your life and give yourself compassion.


Our therapists and team have compiled a list of recommended books for global workers by themes, including: transitions, faith & spirituality, mental health & self-esteem, and relationships & family. We hope you’ll consider picking up one or two of these and find them helpful and relevant for your mind, body, and soul work.

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