Feelings Matter: TCKs and Emotional Intelligence

with Megan McCrary, MSW

Being a TCK can be both a beautiful and a difficult journey that comes with its own set of mental and emotional challenges. TCK’s are often expected to thrive in frequently changing environments and across multiple cultures, which can be especially tough when they are experiencing a whole range of feelings. In this webinar, we will explore some of the unique struggles TCKs face and take a look at how building up your child’s emotional intelligence can shift their perspective, enhance their relationships, and help them gain a deeper understanding of themselves. 

About the Presenter:
Megan is a social worker who recently graduated with her Master of Social Work from The Ohio State University. She is passionate about the intersection of care, community & creativity. She believes that the arts have a powerful ability to light up different areas of the brain, build bridges across varied landscapes, and stimulate innovative calls to social action. She is struck by the notion that art both holds us right where we are, and welcomes fresh, new perspectives. She was an intern at Olive Tree and enjoyed using play therapy, art and creative techniques, sand tray therapy, mindfulness practice and working with TCKs. Megan herself was a TCK, having lived both in Spain and Germany as a child, and has now lived in Turkey for five years. 

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