Creating Anchor Points in Transition

Finding direction in transition seasons is more than choosing between multiple options. Transitions need plans that are anchored in awareness of:

•       One’s own needs and values

•       Defining what areas matter most in life

•       Sustained rhythms of rest and renewal

Together we will unpack some key components of this transition process and go away with a better awareness of the tools needed to navigate a successful transition.

Download Additional Resources:

Needs & Values Assessment

Reflection Points

About Tim:

Tim Austin enjoyed 20 years in Central Asia and Turkey before relocating to Northern California and then Idaho. As a credentialed ICF coach, Tim is passionate about helping global workers navigate life, leadership and ministry transitions. He offers individual and group coaching services through his practice, Encompass Life Coaching. Tim’s experience overseas causes him to view life as both a calling and journey of discovery. He loves listening to people’s stories, the outdoors, reading, writing, and hanging out with his family. Tim and his wife Eve have three adult TCK’s, one grandson, and one granddaughter on the way.

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