• Provide childcare through the week for clients who are coming for counseling, morning or afternoons, on an as needed basis.
    • AGES: 0-12 years age (could be multiples in a family)
    • WHY THEY ARE HERE: They and/or their families are coming for counseling and possibly are dealing with difficult issues. Be prepared for kids to be working through this (maybe at times acting out). Clients generally come for 2 weeks at a time so you’d be seeing the same kids every day for 2 weeks, an average of 2 hours a day.
    • SPACE: We have one lobby (family room setting) with toys, games and such, but would ask you to come up with fun ways to interact with the children. You will know the ages ahead of time and can prepare.
  • OFFICE SUPPORT: When not doing the primary role of childcare, be willing to help with other office projects on an as needed basis through weekdays (managing library, organizing, cleaning, etc.)
  • MEETINGS/GATHERINGS: Attend bi-weekly staff meetings and participate in the office and team-related gatherings throughout the month.
  • IF TIME ALLOWS, YOU CAN ALSO BE INVOLVED IN:English club through the international church (they generally meet on weeknight evenings.) This, or other activities, would only be available OUTSIDE of the childcare (primary role) at OTCC and is not affiliated with OTCC. There are generally other opportunities to be involved with St. Paul’s Union Church (the English-speaking international church in Antalya) if you are interested in bible studies, prayer groups, etc.


  • Be 18 or older
  • Application and interview
  • 2 references (one must have direct experience with you in a childcare role)
  • Fluent in English
  • Willing to come for at least 1-3 months
  • Willing and interested in working with children ages 0 – 12
  • No sexual misconduct or issues in the past with children
  • Raise support, or be able to be self-supporting while here (our staff can help create a budget and find housing, but the funds are your responsibility)
  • Willing to keep confidentiality about the families you are seeing
  • Be willing to adhere to security guidelines that OTCC provides


  • Be willing to make friends on your own in the community
  • Have prior experience living overseas
  • Have prior experience and a desire to work with children of all ages


Please start by filling out this brief inquiry. If applicable, we will send you a full link to the application and reference forms once we have your contact info. Thank you!

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