OTCC will focus on four types of services:


Professional Christian counseling with a staff team recruited specifically for their breadth of areas of expertise in various populations from young children through adults and the wide range of typical types of presenting issues this client population may experience. At times two or more counselors may work together to best serve a couple, family, or team. Counseling can be provided on a weekly basis for individuals living locally and in an intensive, short-term format, over two or more weeks, for individuals traveling to receive counseling.

Crisis Response

Crisis response as well as individual and group trauma debriefing and counseling can be provided at the office or counselors can travel to meet with individuals or teams on location wherever the service is best provided.


Counseling staff also offer workshops and seminars on a breadth of topics covering spiritual, personal, family, and team topics as well as cross-cultural adjustment, transition, and stress issues. See the frequently asked question, “Aside from counseling what other services can I get at OTCC?” for a list of specific topics. Workshops can be provided at OTCC for people living in the community, during organizational conferences located in Antalya, or on location occasionally.


We provide consultation with leaders or member care staff regarding personnel health or team issues. This service can be provided at the center, at organization conferences located in Antalya, or through electronic communication.