Relocating Messages from our Director

by Lisa Green, Executive Director, LPC-MHSP


Due to ongoing resident visa issues for our staff and in the interest of providing stable and accessible professional Christian counseling for cross-cultural workers in our region, Olive Tree Counseling Center has made the decision to relocate our office to Budapest, Hungary in the latter part of 2024. We believe that in the future, this will enable us to provide even more quality care to individuals, families, and organizations in need of support.


Many online gardening sites have recently assured me that it’s possible to uproot and transplant an olive tree. It takes some care and attention, but the trees are hearty and “easily moved,” even outside of the Mediterranean region they originate in. The metaphor of a transplanted olive tree works for us on a lot of levels these days, as we look ahead to our own transplant in the coming months. 
As you likely saw in our previous communication, Olive Tree Counseling Center recently made the decision to relocate from Antalya, Türkiye to Budapest, Hungary in 2024. This was a decision made after months of prayer and serious consideration on behalf of both our staff and clients, with our commitment to providing ongoing, professional Christian counseling and care to our community of global workers at the heart of the decision. Unfortunately, over the past year and more, we have seen our host country experience a great deal of instability in a variety of areas, putting our own ability to provide reliable services to workers in jeopardy. We hope and pray for the return of stability for both the nation and the worker community in a country that we have dearly loved and feel sad to be leaving – but also realize that the time is right for a transplant for Olive Tree as of this year.   


In preparation for our move, our Antalya office will be closing by the end of April, and our available counseling schedule is now full. However, we are happy to continue to support and stay in touch with you in a variety of ways over the remainder of the year:

  • REFERRALS: If you are interested in counseling but don’t know where else to look, we can provide you with a referral list of other resources, including both field-based counseling centers, and other providers in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • RESOURCES: We will continue to send regular newsletters, with articles and resources that support your emotional and spiritual health, and invite you to share those resources with friends or teammates as you journey together. 
  • KEEPING YOU UP-TO-DATE: We expect to be ready to re-open in our new location in early 2025, and will inform you when we are ready to begin scheduling clients again. If you aren’t on our newsletter list but would like to remain in the loop, sign up at the link below.
  • GOOD GOODBYES: In honor of our almost 10 years of operations in Antalya and to say goodbye to our community, we will be having an open house on Wednesday, May 1st at the Antalya office. More details are forthcoming, but if you are in Antalya, we’d invite you to stop by and celebrate with us what God has done with and through Olive Tree for the past 10 years, and join us in practicing our good goodbyes. If you can’t be with us in person on the day, we’ll invite you to “stop by” and leave a note in our virtual guest book.


We have loved coming alongside you over the past 10 years, and look forward to many more years of serving our global worker community in our new location. We may be the lone olive tree planted by the Danube, but we trust that the Lord will continue to make us a fruitful “tree planted by the water” (Jeremiah 17:7-8) in our new home – and we’ll look forward to seeing you there. 

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are committed to transitioning well and to continue providing life-giving counseling to cross-cultural workers from around the world.

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