RECOMMENDED READS TO HELP YOU THRIVE AS A CROSS-CULTURAL WORKER:  There’s no doubt that life as a cross-cultural worker carries unique weight. You’ve taken a leap out into the unknown, and that comes at a cost. There’s grand adventures, and deep loneliness in the constant changes you face. De

Advent Series Introduction 2023 Fellow sojourners, what are you bringing into this Advent season? Great hope at the impact your work has had this year? Anticipation of someone visiting or seeing Christmas through a child’s eyes? Perhaps you find yourself coming to this season with very little to o

by Corinne Gnepf, LCMHC, NCC We all know that feeling, the sudden experience of loneliness. One conversation, one glance at an interaction between people, one photo, or a memory of a relational loss can be enough to pull us into loneliness. Loneliness can be a shorter and fleeting experience or a mu

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