Life is full of ups and downs—seasons of joy and seasons of sadness. Experiencing a broad array of emotions, sometimes intensely, is part of the human experience. There are times though, when it is too much too handle and we find ourselves needing help. How does a person know when it’s time to seek the services of a professional counselor? Professional counselors assess the impact of intense emotions on a person’s occupational and social functioning. Here’s a simple guide to help you determine if it’s time to seek help.


Are there areas of excess in your life? Patterns of excess can occur in a variety of areas in life and often lead to unsustainable patterns that, if left unaddressed, will have long lasting consequences. Here is a short list of examples. Too much…

– Stress                     

– Conflict                   

– Frustration            

– Anger

– Sadness                 

– Discontentment    

– Anxiety                   

– Uncertainty

– Over dependence on any one of the following things for coping: substances,  media/entertainment, withdrawal, sleep, self-harm, food, exercise, anger, shopping, sexuality/lust, dependence on others, etc.

Not Enough

Have you been feeling that something is lacking in your life? Sometimes it is something that used to be true but no longer is, or something that you “thought you would have figured out by now.” As with excess, this can indicate a problem that will grow with time. Some examples are as follows: Not enough…

– Productivity at work          

– Relational harmony         

– Joy/Happiness

– Patience with others        

– Peace                                 

– Trust

– Sleep                                  

– Sexual desire                    

– Self-Control

In addition to these indicators, if you or someone you know is engaging in harmful behavior or has thoughts about ending his or her life, it is important to seek professional help immediately.

Our desire at Olive Tree Counseling Center is to serve as a resource to help Christian workers return to greater peace, joy, and productive service.

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