Global Worker Prayers & Affirmations


As cross-cultural workers, we aren’t immune to negative self-talk, anxiety, and depression. In fact, there are many extra stressors in contexts around the globe that place us at greater risk of damaging thought patterns. We can’t grasp the language, we continue to get angry at our neighbors who we moved here to love, we can’t seem to get the right paperwork we need for our visas, we’re in physically dangerous war zones and places of violence and poverty – whatever the immediate thing in front of you, there’s a myriad of options and times when the Spirit’s peace and love appear so very far away. 


Sometimes we need physical reminders of God’s presence through these stressful experiences. Daily affirmations like the ones you’ll find below can have a positive impact on our brains and bodies when used regularly. Simply put, when we actively work to challenge and replace negative thought patterns with healthier thinking, we have better overall health, more capacity to learn, and better relationships. 1

But we’re not just looking to give ourselves a little pep talk to feel better about ourselves. We’re seeking to embody the presence of the Spirit who lives within us. We’re seeking to embody the message of forgiveness and grace that our faith gives us – and we wish to offer to others. If we can’t understand that for ourselves amidst our daily lives (whether in our home countries or a new context abroad), there’s little chance we can do that well for others.


We’re introducing this set of daily affirmation cards to print and have ready at hand for you every day – whether that’s in your bible, phone, journal or wherever works best for you to see it. It’s our hope that these daily affirmations can reach you in your current context to give hope, and a positive way to reframe those damaging self-talk patterns we fall into. These notes aren’t new – in fact many of them come straight from scripture. But we hope they can offer the grace you need when the stress and anxiety of living abroad feel too heavy. 

Here’s an example of the prayers and affirmations you’ll find. You can either print this handout and even cut the cards apart, or just keep the handout on your phone to use as you find it helpful.


And while beginning to use these daily affirmation cards are a positive action you can take today – we know sometimes the situations you’re facing are too big to handle on your own. Contact us if you’d like to consider intensive counseling or get additional resources for the area you’re located in.

Source 1: Mental Help – Science of Affirmations

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