Transitions Part 2

Last month, we began our 2-part series on transitions as a cross-cultural worker by talking through the major different international moves workers face in their journey abroad. From the first move overseas, planned or unplanned moves on the field, to repatriating at the end of your journey overseas, there are unique challenges and opportunities for growth through each season! 

In this second part, we’re going to break this down a bit more and get specific on how to navigate this in your different circumstances. Are you trying to help your kids navigate these huge transitions well? Are you doing it alone as a single and feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions that are ALL on you? Are you finding the stress is taking a toll on your marriage? 

Amber Nicole again sits down with our team of therapists to glean some wisdom on how to navigate each season well. The first video includes the introduction to part 2 and all sections together, and then we’ve included the different parts separately in case you want to just skip to the section that’s relevant to where you’re at now.

(This is the full version of Part 2. You can find the individual interviews on TCKs, Singles, and Couples at the link above.)

Additional resources as you navigate your own international transitions:


Looming Transitions by Amy Young

Transitions by William Bridges

Uprooted with No Raft, by Marilyn with A Life Overseas Blog 

Beyond Reverse Culture Shock (series) by Shonna Ingram


Sojourner’s Workbook by Connie Befus


TCK Training Transitions Course 

TCK Training Living in Limbo

We’d love to hear from you! What are some of the biggest resources or things you’ve found helpful in your own international moves?

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